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All the Things a Digital Marketer Can Do!

Recently, I attended a Women's Leadership Panel that AdFed MN hosted, where seven women spoke on experiences and challenges faced in their various professions. These incredible women of the advertising world of Minnesota gave us priceless words of advice about how to thrive and soar in the industry. Mahtab Rezai, Principal and CEO of Crux Collaborative, gave this profound advice: "Go for your vocation, not a job." There are so many fields and positions within Digital Marketing one can work in and have. Today, we will try to explore a few to set you on the path of finding your dream vocation!

Fields of Digital Marketing

There are many moving pieces and mechanisms that make digital advertising and marketing go around. It is important to have business goals that inform your strategy and tactics. Some projects may need e-mail marketing while others require social media marketing or even a combination of both. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search are also essential to a digital marketing strategy. Based on business needs, a team may even decide to create and publish content on a blog (wink, wink).

With all these tools, it is important to have the appropriate content and interactive design to help clients and consumers find the right information at the right time. Setting up the Analytics and data tools and software are also essential to be able to measure and track results, and decipher areas of improvement. 

Digital Marketing Positions

For all these functions you need digital marketing strategists, user experience designers, social media managers, digital project managers and paid search planners. You will also need researchers, analysts, account planners/managers, web developers, video producers, creative directors, copywriters, event managers and much more. Finding the right path for you may mean talking to people who currently occupy some of the roles you are considering or taking on projects with the areas of digital marketing you find interesting. 

This does not by any stretch of the imagination cover all fields and positions available in the digital marketing field. I, however, hope that your appetite is whetted enough that you will continue to explore this industry and see where you might fit in. The Creative Group, the marketing and advertising arm of Robert Half, annually releases a document with an overview of the areas of need within the industry, as well as positions and salary ranges. To learn more, click here!

Thanks for reading!

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