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Association Spotlight - Ad Fed MN: For Those Who Make!

Association Spotlight - Ad Fed MN: For Those Who Make

"Creative without strategy is called 'art.' Creative with strategy is called 'advertising.'"

The advertising scene in the Twin Cities is full of incredibly talented people who churn out amazing creative, content and strategy. There are over thirty agencies in Minneapolis and St. Paul alone. Agencies like Mono, Carmichael Lynch, Periscope, BBDO and more, either have their headquarters or a branch here. These advertisers typically meet at association meetings to share and gain knowledge, case studies, tools, etc. with and from each other. One of those associations is AdFed.

What is AdFed?

The Advertising Federation of Minnesota (AdFed) is a professional association "that serves the Minnesota advertising community including agencies, advertisers, suppliers, and students." The organisation, which is connected to the oldest national advertising trade association, the American Advertising Association, puts on many great events like the Student Ad Summit, Mentorship events, The Show and the Women's Leadership Panel. Many advertising and marketing pros in the metro area volunteer their time and talents to nurture and inspire the new generation of advertising talent. 

If you are looking for a way to connect with local industry greats, learn from ad women in leadership, find a mentor or have someone look over your portfolio or resume, you should make it a point to attend some of these events. 

NK and AdFed MN

I joined October last year and attended the Media Panel Luncheon, which was focused on the challenges of traditional and digital media buying, and featured agencies like Space150, Fallon and Clarity Coverdale Fury. I had the chance to learn from industry veterans and networked with people from different fields and agencies.

The Student Ad Summit is another event I would like to call out and recommend, especially for students or new professional looking to learn about the various areas and professions of advertising in the Twin Cities. This and other AdFed events can be great forums for learning about new and emerging trends in advertising and digital marketing, as agencies share case studies, knowledge and tools to help build your repertoire.

How to join Ad Fed MN

AdFed has student memberships ($50), membership for young adults under 32 ($95), and full memberships ($195, $150 for 6 or more team members). If you want to learn more about AdFed or sign-up for an event or membership, click here. Be sure to sign up for the 32 under 32 awards shows on May 19th, as the industry honors some incredible young professionals breaking the mold in adverting!

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