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Erica Hanna's Tips for Creating Killer Video Content!

The event was hosted by the Social Media Breakfast, Minneapolis/St. Paul. (Stayed tuned! Spotlight coming soon!). Erica Hanna, the six-time Emmy award-winning founder of Puke Rainbows Creative, shared some great tips on kickstarting your video content strategy. Erica's Presentation dealt with the inbound marketing aspect of video content.

Erica started the presentation by defining inbound marketing as "caring about people and what they want and need." This should always be the essence and starting point of marketing strategy campaigns and plans. If you are not thinking of your target market’s needs and wants, how will you be able to market to them in a way that is truly engaging? Here are Erica Hanna six tips to keep in mind to create awesome content that unequivocally will show your customers that you care about them! 

6 Tips for Creating Killer Video Content!

  1. Respect the person, the platform and the moment. You need to ensure that you are thinking of who you are trying to reach, where they typically are and when they will be interacting with you. 

  2. Empathize with your reader/viewer and their schedule. It is important to ensure that you are posting and publishing content when people can actually see and interact with the video content. 

  3. When you create video content, make sure it can be sectioned into micro-videos to be used on various platforms. It allows you to interact and engage with people on different platforms at different times and enables you to increase your ROI.

  4. If you are wondering where to start, you can use previously gathered data for ideation and content creation. 

  5. Put your heart and soul into the content. Make sure to employ user-generated content. Try not to be too serious if the situation allows for it. Fun is contagious and easier to engage with and share. 

  6. Make sure you know what you are looking to get out of any contract. Use the Pro Wish List as the base for your checklist:

    • Know your goal: Conversion? Views? Awareness?

    • Know your audience: Who are you trying to reach?

    • Distribution platform: Folks are in different places

    • Budget is important! 

With these awesome tips, we can all begin to plan and create some great video content. If you would like to learn more about the great video content Erica Hanna and her team have created, gain from attending one of her workshops or hire her for video production, click here

Thanks for reading!

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