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Happy 2018, Everyone!

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Happy New Year! I hope you are all having a great start to the year. 

Thank you all so much for continuing to follow my blog and my journey. My hope is that 2018 will be a year we all do something big or small we have always wanted to do for ourselves, whether it is going to bed earlier, doing your laundry more often, starting a blog, traveling, you name it. Feel free to share some of your goals for this year below. Maybe we can hold each other accountable. I guess that means I have to tell you some of mine too. Well, I will do so in a minute. First, I want to recap 2017 quickly.

I started 2017 working two part-time jobs and taking evening classes for my Digital Experience Certificate. I was still hopeful to some degree that my fledgling career would change course in the US, but alas it didn't. Be sure to check out my Farewell to Minnesota post. In May, I came back home to Norway and continued my job search, networking, and learning. After spending the summer in my hometown of Haugland in the municipality of Fjaler, I moved to Oslo with my sister to explore our opportunities at the end of July. 

In August, I went for my first marketing association meeting in Oslo at MFO (Markedsføringsforeningen i Oslo) about HubSpot, where I met some ladies I didn't know at the time would be my future coworkers. More to come on that. In September, I started volunteering at Oslo International Hub, helping them with a website revamp and social media management. In November, my friend Emily DeLozier came to visit me from the US, which was fun. In December, my dreams came true and I started working as an Inbound Marketing Consultant at Inbound Norway. I have a post coming next week that will detail my life in Norway so far. My blogging was very sporadic in 2017. It was due to all the uncertainty and stress in my life then. Now that things are a bit more settled, I am determined to stick to my 2 posts a week schedule. 

My Personal Goals

My most important goals for 2018 are taking care of myself, spending time with family and friends, killing it at work, reigniting my hobbies, traveling, and blogging more. I want to come out of this year being healthier than I have been for a while. I want to make time to really disconnect from my buzzing thoughts and enjoy the present more. I want to truly reconnect with the people love and really be there for them. I want to excel in my career and help others do so too. I want to explore more of the world. I think the world needs more of us to take care of ourselves and those we care about. 

Coming Up Next...

This year, I will continue interviewing marketers in various fields to explore their career paths and any advice they can share with up-and-comers or career changers. I will also be expanding on the Social Media Marketing Platform series and the Measurement series. There are also some new certifications that I will be taking and reviewing for your perusal. I will also be reprising the Grow Your Skills With... and 5 Ways to... series. Now that I am in a new city, I will be exploring marketing events and conferences in Norway and Europe, and hope to share some recaps with you. If there are any topics you would like me to explore or dig deeper on, please comment below or email me at

I found yet another notebook from Quotable Cards (I know, I have a problem!), this time with a quote by Uta Hagen and I think this will be my motivation this year: "Overcome the notion that you must be regular. It robs you of the chance to be extraordinary." 

Here's to getting out of our way and doing what we need to do to be extraordinary. 

Thanks for reading!

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