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Happy 2023 from NK the Marketer!

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies. - Unknown

Happy 2023, everyone! A new year is upon us, so I wanted to say hello and wish you a great start to the year!

It's been a while since my last blog post. If you haven't had a chance, please read my most recent post about Sonal Mishra, Content Marketing Manager at Xeneta. I also want to catch you up on some happenings and the incoming expansion of this blog's subject matter.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic disrupted and produced differing levels of mayhem in many people's lives. I would like to take a moment to acknowledge and mourn those who have lost their lives and those who have forever been changed by this virus. Endless gratitude to essential workers for their hard work and sacrifice. I pray for their continued health and healing for everyone.

I can imagine that the pandemic led many of us to make small and more significant changes to our lives. Some people moved to new places, followed new career paths, and transitioned into new roles. In August 2020, I officially transitioned into a new position as a HubSpot Specialist. Then I started January 2022 with a promotion to Senior HubSpot Specialist. This year, I start in the role of Senior RevOps Specialist. In this role, I work with my clients and colleagues to design and implement their sales, marketing, and service processes in the HubSpot software. I also conduct the HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Service software training sessions for incoming and existing clients and colleagues. I also build campaigns for our clients, among many other responsibilities.

NK's newest role - Senior RevOps Specialist

In my current role as Senior RevOps Specialist, I work closely with my clients and colleagues in fine-tuning and achieving their business goals. I also work with my colleagues to build competency and reach their personal goals in Hubspot and Inbound marketing and sales.

My approach to training is rooted in my passion for creating and building buyer's journeys through personalization and automation and helping companies implement innovative digital solutions.

As Senior RevOps Specialist, my responsibilities often include:

  • Setting up and implementing HubSpot portals for our customers using the platform for the first time.

  • Auditing HubSpot portals for new clients who already use the platform, making recommendations for improvements and missed opportunities, and assisting in the implementation.

  • Setting up customer journeys and campaigns in HubSpot.

  • Conducting workshops and training sessions of HubSpot Marketing, Sales, and Service Hubs.

  • Setting up reports in collaboration with our advisors and clients

  • Assisting with advising and identifying needs for new and existing customers.

  • Facilitating lead nurturing and lead qualification processes between our clients' marketing and sales teams.

Expanding the scope of the blog

My purpose for starting this blog was two-fold:

  • To keep track of the knowledge I was acquiring in the classroom through work, informational interviews, networking events, reading other marketing blogs, and taking certifications and share with other professionals interested in following a similar track.

  • To share marketing content with small business owners looking for advice on ways to connect with their desired audiences using their unique selling points (USPs).

In its early days, my blog primarily focused on different tools for digital marketing, which was critical at the beginning of my career. As my role continues to expand and grow, I still enjoy learning about the importance of marketing and sales teams working in harmony. For example, I am intrigued that it costs more to bring in new customers than to retain and upsell existing ones. When your delighted customers serve as organic ambassadors for your business, this can increase your sales far more than any other form of marketing and advertising! Crazy, right?!

I am expanding the scope of the blog to document these personal “eureka”-moments and share my continued exploration of the different corners of digital marketing. Let’s keep learning and innovating together!

In addition to sharing knowledge about the exciting fields of marketing, sales, and service, this change, of course, also includes profiles of professionals in these fields with insights into their career paths. I hope the wisdom they impart will expand your understanding of the possibilities within these fields and offer a pathway for exploring new career trajectories and ways of doing business.

I hope you find this as thrilling as I do and will continue to follow me on this journey. And, as always, I welcome suggestions on people to interview, topics and tools to explore, and events to attend.

Until next time, thanks for reading!


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