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Keeping the Marketing Bug Alive!

It is very easy to be excited about something for a short while: a new gadget, a crush, or the honeymoon phase of a relationship. It is new, exciting, mysterious and you enjoy learning about this new thing. Somewhere along the line, the shininess wears off, and you start to get bored. To stay excited, you need to find new ways to keep things fresh. When it comes to my relationship with marketing and advertising, that spark is two-fold, namely association events and networking.  I am currently a member of the Minnesota chapter of the American Marketing Association (MN AMA), the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA), the Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis/St. Paul (SMBMSP), the Advertising Federation of Minnesota (AD FED MN), and attend Google Digital Breakfasts on occasion. 

Finding these spaces has been wonderful. I am meeting people with similar passions for digital marketing. I can learn about new trends, digital media tools and case studies in the industry from experts. I have also been connecting with digital marketers I admire on LinkedIn to learn from them and get advice on what I need to do to build my professional brand. Minnesota has been one of the best places to do that, as people have been so friendly and met with me on numerous occasions to share and experiences and wisdom. I can't think of a better way to get excited and energised about a field and industry that I am so passionate about.

I will do more in-depth spotlights on the associations mentioned above in the months to come, but for now here is a summary of each organization. 

Minnesota chapter of the American Marketing Association (MN AMA)

MN AMA's mission is to "Connect. Learn. Grow.” The association organizes monthly events with the vision of being "a vibrant, always-growing, ever-strengthening community of marketers, committed to supporting each other through communication and collaboration.

Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (MIMA)

MIMA's mission is to "elevate talent". The association creates great avenues for professionals to network with and learn from each other and experts in the industry. MIMA organizes several monthly events that seek to challenge and improve how we work in the digital space. Founded in 1998, the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association in the oldest interactive marketing association in the U.S. Student membership is free!

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis/St. Paul (SMBMSP)

SMBMSP is where like-minded folks from across the Twin Cities get together to share & learn about social media. Their online membership has grown to over 2,300 professionals from all different disciplines and industries. Many partnerships, jobs, career changes, and friendships have blossomed because of this group’s ability to connect people who enjoy sharing what they know.

Advertising Federation of Minnesota (AD FED MN)

AD FED MN's mission is to encourage the professional growth and development of its members; to encourage high standards of advertising practices; to represent the advertising industry in working with government in areas of mutual concern and interest, and to provide a forum for social interaction among its members and between its members and others.

Thanks for reading!

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