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So many Changes

You may have noticed I have been absent for a while. Well, my friends, a lot has happened since you last heard from me. My roommate got married, I moved out of my old apartment to the other Twin City to live with my younger sisters, I am starting school again, and I got a job as a Digital Marketing Specialist with a non-profit called LeGen Leaders. I am very excited about all of these new changes and the impact they will have on my life. 

I am going back to school to do a Masters Certificate program at the University of St. Thomas called the Digital Experience. I will be taking the following courses:

  • Brand Management

  • The Creative Process

  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals

  • Marketing Analytics

  • Digital Marketing Experience

At the end of each semester, I will be sure to post about each class to share a bit about what I have been learning and see if you or someone you know may be a good candidate for the program. For now, you can read more about it here. 

Now a bit about my new job: LeGen Leaders is a non-profit that aims to educate and empower foster care youth ageing-out of the system who want to work in the construction field. Since the organization is a start-up, I am getting to get to build all the social communities and processes from scratch with the team. What else could a girl ask for? It is going to be an exciting journey. 

I will still be blogging and will post content twice a week. You can continue to look forward to Digital Marketer Spotlights, certification reviews and digital marketing tools. I will also be exploring company campaign reviews and digital marketing platform reviews. I would love your suggestions on any topics that you would like to learn more about. Please comment below or email me at

Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and supporting the blog. Please be sure to subscribe for up to date notifications.

Thanks for reading!

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